Karis Zidore

Choreographer, dancer and composer based in Copenhagen.
Co-founding member of Danseatelier ︎


Karis Zidore

Karis Zidore is a choreographer, dancer and composer.


She’s Too Much Sound

She’s Too Much Sound is a solo piece in-process by Karis Zidore with moaning, strip and surround sound.  It is a hyper loaded dance for a black box and an open mouth.  Recently invited to residencies at HAUT/Aabne Scene and The Danish Institute in Athens.

More info coming up.

Link to Bastard Blogs text from process showing at Aabne Scene/HAUT in September 2022. Written by Stine Strange Thue.

music: Karis Zidore

Pictures by Marius Kongsgaard


Shriller is a piece for body, vibrato singing and things by Olivia Riviere, Karis Zidore and Anna Moderato. Presented at Dansehallerne/Copenhagen Contemporary in August 2022

In Shriller two girls go about their day in a strange way, following an inner voice. As they waste the night away their interiors start pushing outwards, poking through the cracks, and things begin to unravel. Through frenzied vibrations and shrill episodes, the scenes bring us closer and closer to a feeling of startling vulnerability.

The soundtrack, the insistent tremolo song, the manner of humming, the sound of stuff being thrown about and their jerky movements lead us towards melodrama. Yet it all somehow lands in a heartfelt place. The visceral singing vibrates in our eardrums and lulls us towards the inevitable end – a joyful destruction.

The piece is accompanied by an essay by Frida Sandström  

Link to reviews (in Danish):

Concept: Olivia Rivière, Karis Zidore and Anna Moderato
Choreography and performance: Olivia Rivière and Karis Zidore
Scenography: Anna Moderato
Music and sound design: Karis Zidore
Dramaturgical support: Naja Lee Jensen, Alma Söderberg, Frida Sandström, Kai Merke, Lydia Hauge Sølvberg
Residency: Bikubenfonden/HAUT, Lunga Polo Cultural Gaivotas (Lissabon) 
PR-image: Anna Moderato, original photo by Michella Bredahl

Full credit list and more info here

Pictures by Michella Bredahl, Anna Moderato and Nemo S.

Video documentation by Nemo S.

Triptykon III: Splat

Triptykon III: Splat is a mash up of three works: Lowlands, Shriller, and Dora Stays. Having passed through one another the works have been thrown around and have fallen down. Splat! A solo has gained six bodies, two duos have changed voices.

Splat was presented at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in June 2022, as the third and final part of DANSEateliers threefold work, Triptykon, that has been shown at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in collaboration with Toaster in season 2021/22, with guest performances and residencies at Åbne Scene, Inkonst and Teater Momentum.

Concept: DANSEatelier
Choreography: Emilia Gasiorek, Olivia Rivière, Karis Zidore, Stine Frandsen and Alice Martucci
Dance: Emilia Gasiorek, Olivia Rivière, Karis Zidore, Stine Frandsen, Alice Martucci and Nanna Stigsdatter
Music: Karis Zidore
Costumes: Puer Parasitus
Installations and scenography: Anna Moderato and Lea Paulsen
Sound: David Nicolas Abad
Light design: Kia Lundorff
Producer: Gry Raaby
Graphic design: Anna Sagström

Pictures by Nadia Marilena Roccato

Video documentation by William Andreas Wivel

thecarrierbag festival

thecarrierbag festival is a dance and choreography festival, that emphasizes how we gather around an artwork. It’s an ongoing artistic research between choreographer Emilia Gasiorek and choreographer/musician Karis Zidore actualized in the shape of a festival. The research moves between three layers – more or less visible – that are present when experiencing an artwork; the context and conditions in which a work is made, the live situation where a work is experienced, and a work as an object in itself.

The festival has taken place in 2017 and 2019. The third iteration will take place in june 2023 at Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, through Dansehallernes program.

Poster by James RG Neville. Pictures 2019 edition by Nadia Marilena Rocatto